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Performance in Barcelona
Performance of Omitse't in Barcelona, at the show of the versatile artist Roger Pelàez.

Performance on St. Jordi's day
Omitse't has played some songs in front of the Sala Francesc Tarafa (Granollers), as part of the poetry recital organized to celebrate the St. Jordi's day, accompanied by the professional guitarist Moi Vázquez.

Performance in Barcelona, Heliogàbal, exhibition of drawings by Roger Pelàez
Omitse't acted in the event hall Heliogàbal during the opening of the exhibition of drawings by Roger Pelàez "Merdòmetrum. Un test de tolerància a la merda". Also acted the punk songwriter Aitor Nieve.

Performance at the Marlen bar, Granollers
Omitse't did a concert the last thursday at the Marlen bar of Granollers.

Performance in Barcelona, 23 Robadors
Omitse't did a concert in Barcelona, at 23 Robadors, with Roger Pelàez and his show Roger Pelàez canta Sau.

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