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Cover Fonda Soley FONDA SOLEY

First demo of Omitse't. Songs written some years ago, based in real stories and characters.


1   Al pare no li surten negocis Listen
2   Has de fotre el camp! Listen
3   Paràsit Listen
4   Màfia Granollers Listen
5   Traficant Listen
6   D'ara endavant Listen
7   Els meus amics Listen
8   Fonda Soley Listen
9   Davant la barra Listen
10   Enterrat en vida Listen

Brief story about the FONDA SOLEY:

Fonda Soley is inspired by a character I knew that lived in Granollers.
I will do a little preamble about this singular person, where he lived, how he lived, who were his friends...

First I will make a brief description of the Fonda Soley.
Introducció a la Fonda Soley

What this neighborhood hotelier did? Well, after many failed businesses, things gone this way.
Al pare no li surten negocis

Many people stayed at the Fonda Soley, people of all races and cultures, friends or acquaintances who had one thing in common: they were ruined, really ruined!
Fonda Soley

How did Soley live? Listen, as a parasite. You could even say that he was living well!

Sometimes, he had to kick out someone who became the main parasite of the parasite.
D'ara endavant

One day, when he was very depressed, sunk in misery, the hotelier found a kind of work that at first glance seemed very easy, but ended up giving a lot of headaches.
Màfia Granollers

The closest relatives, concerned about him, tried to change his life, but Soley used to saw everything in a different way.
Davant la barra

Mustafa, who was a classic guest of the Fonda Soley, was also the worst sponger of all. Soley tried to kick him out for a lot of reasons. Another parasite of the main parasite.
Has de fotre el camp!

But in fact those were his friends.
Els meus amics

His mother suffered for his son. What would happen if she is missing? Would he be a tramp? She told him that he had to search for a job... but... what did the son answer? He said that he would become a...

But when the protagonist of this story reflected on his life, he knew he was... buried alive.
Enterrat en vida

One cold day of January the Fonda Soley closed its doors, leaving some people orphaned.
Comiat a la Fonda Soley

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